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Parrot-Howl Ost Goong June 29, 2012

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Akhirnya jadi juga, lagu yang bikin nangis setiap kali nonton Goong (princess hours).Ketika kita lagi menginginkan seseorang, namun hal itu ga bisa terwujud,yang ada cuma sedih, semakin sering menghapus airmata yang jatuh malah semakin keras tangisan yang tumpah.

Parrot-Howl Ost Goong

I miss you again just like it’s yesterday
My desire to see you just won’t disappear
You just keep appearing in my mind
The more I comfort myself, the more I cry
Even if I rub away those tears secretly…
The memories spreading to other memories
Making me cry with pain
I regret that I’ve only received
Will you forget me because I haven’t given you anything

I love you..I love you
This is what I’ve learned from you
Out of all the words and phrases in the world
This has become my favorite phrase
I mutter it to myself as if I were stupid
I’m really sorry, I’m sorry for these words that are too late
I will wait for you without a sense of honor
Will you return tomorrow by chance


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